New gins worth checking out - Dutch Courage - Brisbane
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New gins worth checking out

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new gins worth trying

The most exciting day of the month here at Dutch is when our international delivery arrives and we all get to check out (i.e. have a cheeky taste or two of) some amazing new gins.. We want to share that excitement with you! And as the warmer weather is here, it’s the perfect drinking opportunity to try something new. 



If you’re bold enough to make a gin out of tomatoes, you’re not going to be half-hearted about it. Made in the Netherlands at the Kampen Distillery, Black Tomato hits you with lots of tomato on the nose and palate. There’s only four botanicals and one of them remains a secret. Unlike other savoury gins West Winds Cutlass and Gin Mare, Black Tomato has a delicate sweetness. So for those mixing it, we recommend a tonic at the drier end. If you enjoy the sensory experience of wandering through your local fruit & veg shop and you’re looking for a unique gin, give this one a go.


Key Botanicals: Sicilian black tomatoes, juniper, purified salt water
ABV: 42%
Dutch Courage serving suggestion: fresh basil, rosemary sprig, Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic
More info:

Cocktail idea:
Dry Martini

60ml Black Tomato gin
5ml Noilly Pratt dry vermouth
stir in a mixing glass with large ice cubes & strain into a martini glass

garnish with an olive

gin tonic



A number of contemporary gins, whilst drier than a liqueur, are sweet enough to tempt us after dinner as a waistline-friendly alternative to the tiramisu. Chocolate Mint by Scottish distiller McQueen is one of these. And while some of the world’s oldest distillers are up-in-arms at the broadening of the gin category, the recent surge in gin appeal is in part due to these newer varieties. There are pleasant savoury & spice notes to offset the liquorice & vanilla. So whilst the novelty of the name might lure you in, there is enough balance to keep you interested for a longer session.


Key Botanicals: Macedonian juniper, liquorice, vanilla, mint, cocoa nibs
ABV: 42%
Dutch Courage serving suggestion: fresh mint sprig, shaved chocolate & Fever-Tree light tonic
More info:

Cocktail idea:
30ml McQueen chocolate mint gin
15ml white cacao
15ml crème de menthe
30ml cream
hard shake with cubed ice & strain into a martini glass
garnish with nutmeg

gin & tonic



With copa glasses & elaborate garnishes, the Spanish changed the gin drinking ways of the world. Following on from Gin Mare & Nordes Atlantic, Alkkemist is further evidence they’ve mastered the art of producing it as well. Muscat grapes are among the 21 botanicals and added after distillation, creating a beautifully fragrant aroma to the finished spirit. This is a standout gin, dry but with delicate floral & fruity notes. It should please traditional and new-age drinkers alike.


Key Botanicals: samphire, sage, verbena, chamomile, rose, muscat grape
ABV: 40%
Dutch Courage serving suggestion: lime peel, orange peel & Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic
More info:

Cocktail idea:
Pegu Club

45ml Alkkemist gin
15ml Cointreau
15ml fresh lime juice
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash orange bitters
add all ingredients to a mixing tin
shake with cubed ice & strain into a martini glass
garnish with lime peel

new gins